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Solving real world problems through innovation and emerging technologies


Solving real world problems through innovation and emerging technologies


Solving real world problems through innovation and emerging technologies


Solving real world problems through innovation and emerging technologies

We Are Navteca

We believe in pushing boundaries, in challenging the status quo by exploring creative, innovative, and unique ideas. These beliefs drive us to build practical applications that fulfill our customers' needs, solve real world problems, and use technology for good. Navteca is a woman and minority-owned technology services company focused on emerging technologies and IT innovation. Our years of experience in different industries, passion for science, engineering, technology, and innovation have shaped the mission of our company.

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Some of our success stories

We are proud to share how we have helped our customers. We are always working on new projects. Your project could be next. Contact Us.

Navteca Helps Accelerate Science: High Performance Computing in the Cloud
Cloud Solutions

Navteca helps realize a key goal of NASA Goddard’s Science Managed Cloud Environment (SMCE) to enable collaboration between NASA scientists and non-NASA researchers and to minimize the time that scientists and collaborators wait to access their cloud infrastructure. From JupyterHub to Clusters, the Navteca team provides highly-specialized HPC in the cloud: Architecture, DevOps, and SysOps. Navteca cloud engineers also provide highly-specialized expertise across a variety of public, private, and hybrid cloud domains.

Navteca’s cloud-first mentality facilitates open science at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and ongoing IT engineering operations at NASA Headquarters. Our team manages the Goddard Science Cloud and designed and implemented the Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Our team’s approach reduces the amount of time and resources needed to provide NASA’s scientists and non-NASA researchers same-day access to HPC clusters in the cloud. The Navteca team’s cloud IaC is increasing the pace of scientific research and discovery.

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Consulting, Engineering Services and Staffing
IT Services and Staff Augmentation

The exploding availability of cloud services and emerging technology is inspiring organizations, both private and public, to explore ways to leverage technology solutions in their business and processes. Our services, including staff augmentation, can bring expertise and cost-savings to your organization. We provide highly skilled and certified individuals for ongoing staffing as well as project-based work. Navteca is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner through the APN program.

Our team is praised by our clients because we focus on what truly matters. With over 10 years of past performance at federal agencies like NASA, NOAA, FDA, and NIH, we have a proven track record for ongoing staff support as well as timely innovation projects. We are adept at working with large private sector prime contractors as a boutique technology-centric firm that can bring expertise in HPC, cloud computing, AI/ML, and advanced data visualization.

Game Engine and Immersive Technology for Real World Problems
Virtual/Augmented Reality

Navteca has been on the forefront of the exploration of game engine and immersive technology (virtual and augmented reality) for scientific and geospatial data visualization. Through ongoing R&D, our team is pushing the envelope of real-time rendering for real-world, practical applications, including disasters. Our visualization work using the Unity game engine, VR and AR is an example of the creative application of emerging technology that is characteristic of the Navteca team and philosophy.

Through support from the NASA Applied Sciences Disaster Applications Group (within NASA's Science Mission Directorate) Navteca has been researching virtual reality (VR) technology for the next generation of Earth science technology information systems and advanced data visualization. This work has been recognized and presented at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and many other scientific conferences and events.

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We love designing and building practical applications based on new and emerging technology and working with cool people. Let’s create a success story together.

Engineering ideas into reality

We are excited to create practical applications and evolve the way in which humans interface with computers and data. These are the areas where we thrive and have achieved accolades from our customers.

Cloud Solutions

Navteca helps both public and private sector organizations benefit from the cost-effectiveness, scalability and reliability of High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud. If you are science-focused and looking to migrate your current on-premise solution to the cloud or optimize cloud services, we can help. Our cloud solutions fully support digital transformation and cost-saving strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking to explore what AI can do? Would you like to know the benefits of using AI/ML? Are you uncertain about the viability of using AI for your problem? From complex ML for science to using AI for disaster risk planning, our AI expertise can help enhance mission goals and infuse machine learning innovation into a variety of use cases for enterprise and government. Let’s brainstorm together.

VR and Game Engines

Navteca has developed unique expertise visualizing and exploring data through compelling and fully immersive visual and sensory interfaces. We bring all the benefits of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), 3D modeling, game engines and immersive GIS data to enhance scientific and geospatial visualization. We create boundary-pushing experiences that enable real-world decisions.

Conversational AI

Navteca has launched a stand-alone product to leverage the power of smart virtual assistants. Voice Atlas is a Q/A solution and insight engine that answers questions and provides contextual information for your users, team members, employees, followers, and constituents. Contact us for a demo to see how Voice Atlas can support open science, improved communications, and user satisfaction.

Open Science Studio

We believe in the Open Science initiative. We have created Open Science Studio as part of our efforts to collaborate with the initiative. We deploy tailored OpenScienceStudio for the scientific community. Our platform includes support for HPC, customized extensions and kernels and more. Visit Open Science Studio for more information.

JupyterLab Extensions Development

JupyterLab extensions are powerful and allows a high degree of customization of the JupyterLab platform. We work alongside scientists, researchers, teachers and students to create scalable, powerful, efficient and tailored extensions that suit their requirements and specifications. Our solutions, if needed, include architecing a cost-efficient infrastructure.

You are in good company

We thank our government, private, and public sector customers for our long-term relationship, trusting in our ideas and depending on our capabilities to help them to reach their goals.

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Navteca is the Right Teaming Partner

We believe success can only come through collaboration. We are proud of our teaming partners and what we have achieved together. Navteca has participated in teaming for many procurement opportunities and can bring our niche expertise, innovation, and past performance to your team. Contact Us.

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